Darwin Horan Colorado: The Real Estate King

The real estate business is one of the most profitable businesses identified globally. The primary reason for this being that the value of land more often than not goes up and only occasionally goes down. This is one reason why people are always ready to revalue their lands and properties. However no matter how profitable the business is it requires a certain level of skill and effort to succeed in such a market. This is one thing that Darwin Horan Colorado definitely has. This man is the sole owner of Ventana Capital Inc., a land management and real estate firm based in Denver that specializes in home building.

What makes him unique?

The real estate market is one that is intensely competitive which is obvious. Almost all profitable markets are competitive. This market contains big names like Michigan Realty Solutions, Ohio Investments, Multifamily Utility and others. What does Darwin Horan Colorado have that makes him stand firm besides these huge names? Here’s a list of some factors that make him so successful:

  • He has been with the firm for over two decades. Always open to new ideas and knowledge, Darwin  has displayed quality leadership skills and managing attitudes that have kept the firm together for so long. The experience he has built over this time surely helps him in handling different problems.
  • He has also build expertise in different aspects of the business that are not directly related to home building. This helps him identify growth prospects for the business and look for diversification. These business aspects include the likes of water storage development and telecom site brokerage.
  • Darwin Horan Colorado, despite the man that he is already does not let go on chances of spending quality time with his family and enjoy life to its fullest. From time to time he personally goes down to the business and acts as a mentor and a coach to employees. He plays football and is a big fan of sports. He has also remained a part of community welfare and has worked with departments like Denver District Building, Castle Pine Parks Authority and the Oversight Community Development. There is no doubt that Darwin Horan Colorado takes great utility out of what he does and uses that exposure to invest back into the business intellectually.

Here are some of the major achievements of the real estate giant:

  • Ventana Capital Inc. has managed properties and estates that are worth more than 250 million dollars. That goes a long way in telling how successful David Horan Colorado has been is handling his business.
  • Before establishing his own firm, he briefly worked in the land management industry after getting his degree from the Arizona State University. It did not take him much time to become the chairman of Denver Division and North Division of Writer Homes.
  • Currently he is in charge for some projects that would revolutionize the way the world sees real estate. These projects include Hunters West Development, Castle Pine Parkway and the Lagae Ranche.

All of the above facts effectively describe the stature of David Horan Colorado and how he has changed the way people used to look at real estate. Although a business tycoon, he maintains balance between his work and private life.


12 thoughts on “Darwin Horan Colorado: The Real Estate King

  1. Reblogged this on Priya Chopra and commented:
    Mr. Horan is a renowned land and property developer with more than 20 years industry experience. He has over $250 million in his portfolio of real estates managed by the company, with 18 subdivisions, over 140,000 square feet and 12,000 acres of space.

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  2. Mr. Horan is a renowned land and property developer with more than 20 years industry experience. He has over $250 million in his portfolio of real estates managed by the company, with 18 subdivisions, over 140,000 square feet and 12,000 acres of space.

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  3. He held top positions with North Division of Writer homes as well as Denver Division of D.R. Horton. Darwin is the ‘man in charge,’ as many would say, yet he still remains actively involved with the various real estate transactions and developments in the city.

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  4. . Darwin Horan VentanaCapital Inc also heads a number of associated operations in a number of estate projects such as water storage development among others. It is hard to believe that this businessman manages time for anything else but in fact he is involved in many different community services .

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  5. Unlike the busy business tycoons who have no time for other activities and are socially dull, Darwin Horan is also inclined towards sports. He coaches football and has keen interest in Fly fishing and Jiu Jitsu. He is sincerely dedicated towards his community and does humanitarian works as well. He supports community activities such as youth sports and education.

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